Lewiatan has started testing the bottle machines

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The Lewiatan chain has started testing a new device enabling selective collection of plastic bottles – “butelkomat”. This is another environmental protection measure under the “Ekodzialanie w Lewiatan” program. Bottle machines have been placed in two shops in Włocławek. The tests are to last two months.

Lewiatan, within the framework of the project “Ekodzialanie w Lewiatanie”, decided to implement a new device called a bottle machine in its shops. It enables the selective collection of PET bottles, which will be processed and reused in the production of other products. The whole undertaking is the responsibility of Intersoh, a company active in recycling. To use the machine, first scan the “My Lewiatan” card, then put the empty bottle with a legible barcode into the opening, and finally collect your receipt.

The devices were placed in two Lewiatan shops in Wloclawek, on Pogodna Street and in Szpetal Gorny. Depending on the results of the pilot, the chain plans to apply the solution in more shops.

We are testing this solution. Probably in a year or two the regulations will come into force, which will oblige supermarkets and retail chains to have such devices in shops and to have customers return their bottles. We are doing this beforehand – we are testing the equipment and our facilities. What we see here is the dot over the i, and what will happen in the back office, at the recycling companies, is the other side of the coin that we need to coordinate – says Tomasz Baranowski, coordinator on behalf of the Lewiatan Holding chain.

Action for environmental protection

The Lewiatan chain has been trying to introduce pro-ecological solutions and act in a sustainable manner for some time now.

Segregation of waste and environmental protection is already an obligation today. Lewiatan promotes ecological activities. We have introduced eco-friendly papers for packaging cold meat and cheese, which allow you to separate the paper from the foil when segregating waste. Packaging papers, paper bags and bread bags with the Lewiatan logo are FSC certified. We were one of the first retail chains to introduce FSC-certified ecological shopping cartons. Today, we start the piloting of another campaign encouraging our customers to segregate raw materials and effectively implement the principles of the closed-circle economy – comments Marcin Poniatowski, Board Member for Marketing at Lewiatan Holding.

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