2021 – a year of change for the home furnishings industry?

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A new year means new trends. In 2021 we will turn to colours and materials that draw on the benefits of nature, seeking peace and soothing our senses. Aldona Mioduszewska, Marketing Director of Galeria Wnetrz Domar, suggests what furnishing elements will reign in interiors, where we will find inspiration and where we will shop.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many manufacturers to halt work and shop owners to temporarily close down, has boosted online sales. Will the current experience influence where we buy home furnishings in the time to come?

Despite the enormous power of the internet, some things cannot be known online. This is mainly about the feelings associated with using furniture, such as the softness of the mattress, the contour of the headrest of an armchair or the right ratio of chair to table height. Many elements of interior decoration are furniture, which we need to test before buying and check how it behaves in contact with us. On the internet it is much easier to buy decorations, textiles or lighting than leisure sets, beds or armchairs – says Aldona Mioduszewska from Galeria Wnetrz Domar.

What furniture and colours will be in vogue in 2021?

The new year will be dominated by soft, rounded and cylindrical shapes. Many of them will refer in their form to the style from 100 years ago, i.e. Art déco. Our interiors will be filled with delicate, streamlined forms, which will give rooms a gentle and peaceful feel. The furniture will be based on light, metal legs. Velour and velvet – soft, elegant and glossy fabrics – will be the most popular upholstery materials.

The colour scheme for 2021 will be based on two colour palettes. On the one hand, there will be shades referring to nature, i.e. beige, brown or caramel, while on the other hand there will be juicy colour accents – mustard, navy blue, deep bottle green or maroon. These are colours that look beautiful on velvet or upholstered furniture. The Pantone Institute surprised the world this year by choosing two colours of the year – the duo of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Grey defines a hard foundation and a reliable element, while yellow refers to the warming and joyful power of the sun. Also worth mentioning is the Color Marketing Group Agency, which annually assigns certain shades to each continent. In 2021, Europe will receive the colour beige, Asia coral, North America grey-blue and Latin America purple. Undoubtedly all these colours are the colours of the surrounding reality – sky, plants, earth – which fill us with peace and hope for better days to come – adds Aldona Mioduszewska from Galeria Wnetrz Domar.

The materials that will reign in 2021 include linen, jute, thick-woven cotton, velvet and velvet. Our interiors will be filled with wood, wicker, reeds, bamboo and natural ceramics, such as clay and stoneware.

Global home furnishing trends in Poland

One of the leitmotifs of the Salone del Mobile 2019 fair was the psychedelia of the 60s and 70s. The arrangement madness full of colours, geometric shapes and bold decorations was singled out by global designers as the basis of a strong trend for the next periods. According to Aldona Mioduszewska, Marketing Director at DOMAR Interior Gallery, in Poland these trends will probably start to appear only in one or two years. And although the achievements of Polish designers are outstanding, and we ourselves are positively perceived by European design gurus and we are absolutely on a par with them when it comes to design, the Polish consumer needs more time to become accustomed to novelties. We choose safer furniture forms and adapt trends with a slight delay.

Drawing on global trends, education in the field of design and its functionality are still current challenges for the industry. Consumers should be aware that furniture layout is not only an aesthetic concept, but also a question of ergonomics, functionality and engineering. So far, Poles have been following safe patterns in interior design, but this is changing. This can be seen in the behaviour of DOMAR Interior Gallery customers who take advantage of our free architectural advice. Our interior architect suggests solutions and possibilities which often go far beyond the buyer’s imagination. This cooperation results in many situations where customers decide on bolder arrangements – adds the expert from Galeria Wnetrz Domar.

The year 2021 will be inspired by the beauty of nature, distant travels and ecology. Our interiors will feature furniture with soul and colourful accents. Galeria Wnetrz Domar in Wroclaw, one of the largest facilities of its kind in Poland, has gathered together offers of interior design manufacturers matching the trends of the coming year.

More on the Polish home furnishings market in the upcoming PMR report: Home furnishings retail market in Poland 2021.

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