Agro Sklepomat introduces vending machines for grocery shopping

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Agro Sklepomat is a new concept based around completely automated self-service stores. Such mobile shops will offer a variety of food products. The first vending machines are to be located in the largest cities in Poland, and over 1000 such stores are to appear in the country by the end of 2021, and as many as 5,000 by 2023.

The idea was born from the success of self-service vending machines selling alcoholic beverages, according to Kamil Brzozowski, franchiser of the Argo Sklepomat brand, in an interview for the website. These vending machines work in a similar way – the product is selected on the menu screen, the payment is made via the terminal, and the purchases are then dispensed by the machine.

As Kamil Brzozowski claims, automation is inevitable due to the growing problem with hiring and paying employees, especially among small entrepreneurs. Poles are already used to vending machines, and the problematic human factor would be alleviated by the self-service machines. Additionally, such stores can operate seven days a week, all hours of the day, as opposed to the traditional stores.

Aiming at a stock exchange debut

Currently, Agro Sklepomat is looking for cooperation with master franchisees in the largest Polish cities. Each master franchisee will supervise the area of ​​a specific voivodeship, and their duties would include conducting business talks and employee training. They will also have a share in the profits generated by the company, even from outside their areas of activity.

The estimated investment sum is PLN 250,000, and the development plans are planned out for the next four years. Further plans are equally ambitious – in 2024 the franchisor plans to debut on WSE, transform the company into a joint-stock company, as well as introduce the shares to trading on NewConnect.

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