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allegro pay

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Allegro, the largest Polish purchasing platform, is introducing a new payment method. Allegro Pay, as it is referred to, operates on a delayed payment basis. It is to be a supplement to the payments previously operating on the platform.

Delayed payments are gaining in popularity

In recent years, we have seen a growing retail payment option. It is not only fast transfers or Blik, but also delayed payments. The most popular system is PayPo, which is used by numerous e-commerce stores, such as MediaMarkt, MediaExpert, Reserved, House or Answer. Pay Po was also available on Allegro, which has now decided to introduce its own deferred payment system.

As part of the Allegro Pay service, the customer has funds to use, which he can pay for purchases. The funds may be repaid at a later date. For standard users of the platform it is 30 days without additional interest (the same time applies to PayPo). Allegro Smart subscribers can choose the option of 3-month payments, also with 0% interest. A longer repayment period is also possible, divided into 5, 10 or 20-month payments (then with additional interest).

Up to PLN 4,000 to be used for shopping

To begin with, the Allegro Pay option will be activated for tens of thousands of users. By the end of the year, this group is to grow systematically. After activating the option, even PLN 4,000 will be available for use within Allegro Pay. The funds will be allocated on the basis of an individual analysis, made primarily on the basis of data from external databases and the history of purchases at Allegro.

The purchase budget is granted for an unlimited period of time – if you do not use the service, you do not incur any costs. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions.

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