Allegro Smart with cheaper delivery


Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Allegro has decided to introduce a new offer in the Allegro Smart service. Until 3 January customers using the program will be able to enjoy free delivery available from as little as PLN 25. It is worth mentioning, however, that the offer is limited to purchases from one seller and the number of programme beneficiaries is limited.

As the Allegro company explains, the new offer will be available for three groups of buyers, and each of them will benefit from free delivery in a different price variant. The first group will be able to receive free delivery from as little as PLN 20, the second from PLN 25 and the third from PLN 30. Information for buyers regarding membership in each group will be sent to the customer’s email address. However, the company does not explain how many users will be able to benefit from the special offer. The free delivery service will apply to orders placed at Kolporter, Zabka, Poczta Polska, Orlen, Ruch, DPD, UPS, Allegro parcel machines, and InPost’s Parcel Lockers.

The new promotional action is yet another idea of Allegro to attract customers. In the previous offer, Allegro decided to reduce the cost of delivery in the Allegro Smart service from PLN 100 to 80.

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