Amazon’s Made for You: custom-made clothing service

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The US-based company Amazon Fashion launches its new Made for You service, that offers custom-made clothing to order. The customer only needs to enter their height, weight, body type and submit two full scale photos.

After selecting the desired design, fabric and color, a preview of the finished product can be viewed on a virtual body double generated from the previously shared data. So far, the only type of clothing available are different T-shirt cuts, but the product offering is to be expanded in the future.

The Amazon Fashion Made for You T-shirt will cost only $25 and will be available to all US customers, not just the Prime members. This initiative was designed in mind with those, who struggle with problems such as unusual measurements or limited time.

Made for You will be extended to other clothing categories?

Privacy is a concern for many potential customers. However, Amazon ensures that the uploaded photos will not be saved in the system, that the data stored there will be secure and that the user will be able to delete it at any time.

Currently, Amazon Made for You offers a choice of two types of fabric, eight colors, and many combinations of collars types and sleeve length. The data needed for measurements can be filled in both in the app and through the web browser. More selections and styles are to appear in the future, based on customer interest and feedback.

PMR expert’s view

Magdalena Filip
Senior Retail Analyst

The bespoke sewing solution, once very popular in Poland, survived mainly in the formal clothing segment. It stands out more strongly in men’s formal clothing than in women’s. Many brands in this segment (e.g. Vistula, Bytom, Kubenz, Lancerto) used to offer such services to customers when buying suits. The risk of the introduced service may be a higher price of the product, especially in the casual or children’s clothing segment, where fast-fashion and discount brands still dominate. I would see a chance for a revival of tailoring services in Poland at this point in the trends of less waste, shopping locally and slow fashion, in which Amazon does not fit in.

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