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A few years ago the first open-access workshop for DIY enthusiasts was established – Men’s Shed. Jula Poland supported this project as a strategic partner, providing appropriate equipment, tools and machines and their servicing. On Saturday, 12 June, the fifth Men’s Shed in Poland will be opened in Bydgoszcz.

Many years ago in Australia, there was an initiative to create places for men who had finished working. It was noticed that they lack opportunities to nurture social relations, find it more difficult to find a good reason to leave home, which in the long run has a negative impact on their functioning in the society and on their health condition. This is how the idea of creating workshops for the general public was born: Men’s Sheds. These places are a way to revive the local community and create a friendly space for active leisure. Today, Men’s Shed networks operate in the UK, Ireland, Canada and Poland, thanks to the initiative of the Our Earth Foundation. The Jula Poland brand was invited to cooperate and became a strategic partner of the project. The first Polish Men’s Shed was established in 2015 in the Warsaw district of Włochy, soon another one opened in Słupsk, in June 2018 in Wrocław, and since July 2019 a workshop has been operating at the Wolski Cultural Centre in Warsaw.

The workshops – Men’s Sheds – are created thanks to the cooperation of local organisations, which are responsible for running them, and the company Jula Poland, which provides the appropriate equipment, tools and machines and their maintenance. Men’s Sheds are created mainly for seniors, but their doors are open to everyone. The character and operation of these places is largely shaped by the local community, e.g. one of the Sheds has established cooperation with a nearby primary school, which has resulted in the implementation of “Shed with Class”, i.e. a series of classes for the youngest children.

-Initiatives that bring people together, mobilise for joint activities and finally stimulate creativity have always been part of our brand concept. – says Arnold Brzezinski Country Operations Manager Jula Poland. -Additionally, the formula of a generally accessible workshop suits us very well – in such a place the potential of our own brands can be fully used. The opening of the Men’s Shed in Bydgoszcz is all the more pleasing, as it is one of the signs of a return to normality after the difficult time of the pandemic. – he adds.

Men’s Shed in Bydgoszcz was created in cooperation with the Active Workshop Foundation. Active Workshop is an interesting place on the map of Bydgoszcz that engages people in action by offering residents (and not only) access to a workshop equipped with professional tools and power tools. Initiated events are meant to bring generations together and create an opportunity to exchange experiences and practical skills by organizing workshops, trainings, shows and meetings with interesting people. One of such activities is the Men’s Shed in the Błonie housing estate at 8a Abrahama Street. The opening of the workshop will take place on Saturday, 12 June at 12 p.m. Men’s Shed, despite its name, our space is for everyone, regardless of gender, age, social background and skin colour.

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