PMR survey: Poles most often buy dog food in discounters

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According to the PMR survey, as many as three quarters of the respondents who declared to have purchased pet food in the last three months did so for their dog. Nearly half of Poles buy food for these pets in discount stores.

Residents of the largest cities are most willing to buy food for their dogs on the internet

Discounts are not only the most popular channel for buying groceries (we have written more about it here). According to a PMR study, Poles equally often buy dog food in discount stores. This is the most popular channel for buying such products, indicated by 48% of respondents. Both women and men are equally eager to buy in discount stores. Also age or education are not a differentiating factor.

Less than the average, in discount stores dog food is bought by residents of the largest cities (over 500,000 inhabitants). In the last 3 months preceding the survey such purchases were made by 38% of respondents from this group (average: 48%). At the same time, residents of the largest cities more often than other groups buy dog food on the internet (39% of indications, average: 29%). This is the most popular shopping channel for this food pmr survey

Zoological stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets frequent shopping channels

Approximately one third of PMR survey participants (34%) buy food for their dog at the pet store. They are more often young people (39%) and residents of large cities, i.e. 200-499,000 inhabitants (47%). In general, more often inhabitants of cities than rural areas buy food for their dog in pet stores (38% compared to 30%).

Apart from the aforementioned internet channel, hypermarkets and supermarkets are also relatively popular places of shopping. Purchase of dog food in these facilities is declared by 29% and 26% of respondents to the PMR survey respectively. Men and people in the 18-34 age group buy these products more often in such stores.

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