Barlinek looks for eco-friendly solutions to the production process


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Barlinek, a Polish manufacturer and distributor of wooden floors, is looking for ecological solutions in the production process. Thanks to the Trigeneration block, the company itself generates most of the energy for the production plant.

In 2018, it launched a Trigeneration block in its factory. The unit allows for the use of excess heat in the summer for cool air conditioning in production halls.

Thanks to the Trigeneration block at the Barlinek factory, today the plant is able to cover 60% of electricity demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70%. Currently, 60% of its demand for electricity and 100% of the demand for thermal energy is covered by own its production. This means that this energy is not purchased from a producer using the conventional methods to obtain it thus emitting larger amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Additionally, since 2000, Barlinek has been financing the purchase of one tree seedling for each package of Barlinek boards sold under its proprietary “1 for 1” program. Over 15 million trees are already growing in the “Barlinek’s Customers Forest”. One tree annually absorbs about 7 kg of CO2 – which means that the forests planted by Barlinek absorb 105,000,000 kg of CO2 annually.

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