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Bio Planet, a company operating on the organic food supply market, wants to transfer in H2 2021 its listing on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GWP) from NewConnect, and has already applied to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for approval of the prospectus. The company intends to offer 200,000 new shares without pre-emptive rights for existing shareholders.

Bio Planet believes that now is the time for dynamic development and business expansion of the company. The eco-industry in Poland, as in other countries, is in a long-term upward trend and is experiencing a golden age, fostered both by changing consumer habits and favorable political decisions at the level of individual states and the EU. The company is also increasing its capabilities in terms of goods storage, packaging and distribution, according to Sylwester Strużyna, Bio Planet’s CEO.

Bio Planet S.A. recorded sales revenues of PLN 107.5m in H1 2021, which translates into 2% increase compared to the first half of 2020. During the reported period, the company sold goods for the amount of PLN 105.4m. It is also worth noting, that in H1 2021 represents a 39% increase in sales compared to H1 2019, when Bio Planet recorded PLN 77.6m in sales. In June this year, the company also expanded its product portfolio by an additional 150 items.

Analyzing our results, we also see a clear increase when it comes to exports. Not without significance is also the development of the e-commerce market, which in pandemic has grown to really impressive values. We will continue to develop our cooperation with specialist stores offering organic food. They are the strong foundation of our company – said Sylwester Struzyna.

According to the latest PMR report “Bio food market in Poland 2021: growth forecasts for 2021-2026“, the organic food market grew by more than 20% in 2020. In turn, in 2021-2026 the average annual growth rate (CAGR) for the organic food market will be close to 10%. The bio food market in Poland will follow Western trends, and its share of the overall food industry will increase. The positive influences on the market include the growing health awareness of Poles, expanding range of bio products, especially in large-format stores, but also a large number of promotions of organic/eco/vegan products by food chains.

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