Black Friday – a record-high performance for many companies


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This year’s Black Friday turned out to be a record sales record for many companies. Allegro, CCC and Zalando, among others, presented excellent results.

Allegro: 2 million toys in a week

Polish e-commerce giant reported that the Black Week, which lasted eight days (23-30 November), was “the biggest shopping festival in the history of the company”. During this period, the portal’s homepage was visited by an average of nine clients per second. The main purchases included electronics, home & garden products and products for children. Among others, 910,000 Christmas decorations, 110,000 headphones, 57,000 smartphones or 67,000 books and nearly 100,000 board games were sold.

According to Allegro, retailers who joined the Black Week sold 250-300% more products than on an average day. The company stresses that 80% of shipments reached customers within 1-2 days. The record delivery lasted only… 4 hours and 11 minutes.

Saturday is the best day in the history of the CCC Group

The stationary sales in shopping malls resumed in Poland on Saturday 28 November, the day after Black Friday. Purchase promotions, as well as deferred demand after the 3-week closure of outlets made this day the best revenue day in the history of the CCC Group. According to the company, the Saturday’s visit was at a level close to that before the closing of the shops in the galleries (as opposed to the gradual trend of rebuilding traffic after the first wave of the pandemic). What is interesting, the conversion among customers was very high – every fourth visitor to a CCC shop made purchases there.

However, November will not be a record month for CCC, because during 21 days of this month nearly 300 CCC shops were closed. It did well online (in November the e-commerce was responsible for 65% of the Group’s revenues), but it was not able to make up for the drops in stationary sales.

One million new Zalando customers during Cyber Week

The Zalando platform, the largest player in the segment of online clothing and footwear sales, also recorded sales success in the Black Friday period. It gained as many as one million new customers and increased sales (GMV) by 35% y/y. The share of orders generated under the affiliate programme, including Connected Retail, increased to 30%, compared to 20% in 2019. This was due to restrictions on fixed-line sales. Approximately 2.3 thousand fixed-line shops participated in the Cyber Week under the Connected Retail programme.

At peak times, 7,500 orders were placed per minute. The sales hit of Cyber Week turned out to be running leggings.

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