Justyna Iwanek, Boco Wear for PMR: Sales jumped by 30% during lockdown

Justyna iwanek boco wear

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Justyna Iwanek, the chief executive of Boco Wear, an online-based brand of premium sportswear for women, talks to PMR about how it has coped in the new post-Covid era.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020 and the restrictions on human activity imposed to contain its spread created totally new challenges for purveyors of sports clothing. In Poland, gyms and fitness clubs remained shut for nearly three months, and outdoor exercise was banned for a number of weeks.

– When the lockdown was imposed, we had to completely change our marketing plan for the months ahead. It had to be all about stay-at-home workout, which was an entirely new topic for us – Ms Iwanek admits.

One way Boco Wear responded was to enlist its ambassadors to conduct online workout sessions for the brand’s social-media followers.

Our entire spring/summer advertising campaign was centred around home exercise – Ms Iwanek adds.

Double-digit sales growth

It worked. Boco recorded a strong increase in sales in the first half of 2020. During the lockdown, its sales jumped by nearly 30%, Ms. Iwanek revealed.

The online channel as a whole has enjoyed a Covid-inspired spike in sales. According to PMR forecasts, online sales of fashion in Poland will grow in value by over 30% in 2020.

Customers want items that are good-looking as well as functional

As with other fashion segments, trends in sportswear are changing all the time, and brands have to keep up if they want to stay relevant. Customers are more and more conscious and informed in their choices. They look for the most advanced technologies. And they expect sports clothes to look good, as well as being functional and comfortable. Boco, which specialises in seamless and compression garments that shape the body very well, caters to these needs successfully, Ms Iwanek notes.

She points to another trend that accelerated during the lockdown and which brands such as Boco can profit from:

Customers have been choosing Polish brands more and more. During the lockdown, we noticed that the „support Polish brands” movement gained further traction. Customers are now willing to pay a premium, not only for quality but also for domestic product origin.

Internet to remain central to Boco Wear’s strategy

Boco Wear’s products are available mainly online, in its official store, bocowearstore.com, as well as in several other online stores and on e-commerce platforms, Domodi and Amazon. Ms Iwanek says the brand has no plans to open a physical store. The pandemic has made online shopping all the more appealing to many people, and Boco Wear plans to keep expanding its online distribution.

Influencer marketing has been at the heart of Boco Wear’s brand strategy since its inception. Maffashion and Red Lipstick Monster are some of the online influencer celebrities who have endorsed its products.

– Working with influencers and bloggers can be one of the most effective sales strategies today. Pursued well, it can help a brand build awareness and reach very quickly – Ms Iwanek concludes.

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