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In June, the Estonian mobile company that offers vehicle rental and food delivery services Bolt, announced the expansion of its operations to include instant food delivery in Poland. Bolt plans to open a network of dark stores located in large cities, allowing it to make deliveries in as little as 15 minutes.

Bolt Food service debuted in Poland in the first half of 2020. The network established cooperation with, among others, restaurants, gas stations and grocery shops. In the world, in addition to cooperation with 10,000 catering establishments, the network has also developed its activity by delivering foodstuffs, electronic equipment or flowers.

However, Bolt has decided to take a step forward and open its own dark stores with food products. The shops are to be strategically located in large cities so that orders can be delivered within 10-15 minutes. A similar offer can be boasted by the Lisek, Jokr and Gorillas chains, which will soon appear on the Polish market.


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