Bottega Veneta withdraws from social media

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The luxury Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta surprised everyone by deleting their profiles from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Is this a chance to launch a new trend in online marketing?

In the first week of January, the company removed all its social media accounts in one fell swoop. The brand’s profile on Instagram had 2.5 million followers. The internet theories emerged quickly: is it a media blackout or a marketing stunt? People speculate that it was a way of advertising the upcoming springsummer 2021 collection.

Does social media kill creativity?

The brand’s creative director does not hide his disdain for social media. Daniel Lee claims that a vision mass-distributed is counterproductive and kills individualism. According to him, the audience comes first and should be personally catered to, and in the world of luxury brands, the ability to transform creativity into profit is what counts.

This opinion may have been the driving force for the controversial decision made by Bottega Veneta. In the case of luxury brands, the emphasis is on the uniqueness of the product, which is difficult to achieve by repeating the same patterns. Perhaps veiling Bottega Veneta in a shroud of secrecy is going to contribute to raising the company’s prestige, because it has already been successful in the venture of appearing on everyone’s lips. It is likely that other luxury fashion brands will follow suit.

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