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According to the “Nowe Zycie by Auchan” concept, the chain has decided to introduce second-hand clothes offer. It is a project carried out in cooperation with Patatam company. Currently, special zones can be found in five hypermarkets. The expansion of this concept may take place in the second half of this year.

In cooperation with the French company Patatam, which specialises in selling second-hand clothes, Auchan has launched zones with second-hand clothes in five locations: Warszawa Jubilerska, Warszawa Wola, Katowice Reńców, Kraków Bronowice and Kraków Bora. The expansion of the service is planned for the second half of this year. The offer includes women’s, men’s and children’s clothing in the price range from 7 PLN to 35 PLN depending on the product group. Clothing from world-renowned brands will be available, including: Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Mango, Zara or H&M.

Acting in a sustainable way

The “Nowe Zycie by Auchan” concept is part of the #Auchan 2022 CSR strategy, which is an important step in the chain’s activities to reduce its environmental impact. This project is based on the principles of a closed loop economy, i.e. recycling and reuse. This will reduce water consumption and reduce the carbon footprint.

We must remember that only a small percentage of textiles worldwide are recycled. Polish customers increasingly want to have a real impact on the environment, e.g. by using products for a longer period of time, they make conscious choices, they also look at fashion from the ecological point of view. The possibility of buying second-hand clothes of well-known and respected brands fits perfectly into this trend. The Nowe Zycie by Auchan concept is also an important element of Auchan 2022 strategy. We believe that our customers will positively accept our proposal, the first opinions are very encouraging – says Radosław Dac, Product Director at Auchan Retail Polska.

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