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Bread machines, i.e. self-service machines for purchasing bread, have just been installed in four locations in Szczecin. They belong to the Asprod bakery, and the idea of their implementation was suggested by the coronavirus pandemic.

Szczecin can use bread machines

Although nowadays everyone is trying to find a new reality, still in March and April, pandemic-related restrictions were standard. These meant numerous trade restrictions and long queues to shops. Some people from risk groups were afraid to shop in the traditional way. All this gave Asprod Bakery the idea to launch bread machines, i.e. bread vending machines. Currently they operate in four locations in Szczecin.

Purchases through bread machines are made in a non-contact manner, only non-cash payment is accepted. Deliveries of several dozen types of bread to vending machines take place daily. The machines are disinfected daily.

The vending machines change their face

In Poland, vending machines are very popular, but until now they have been treated mainly as a supplement to traditional sales. Most Poles associate them with the purchase of sweets or drinks, but in the world vending machines have long been used to sell various products, such as meat and cold cuts or cakes. Nowadays in Poland it is also possible to buy through them not only bread, fruit and vegetables, but also products requiring refrigerated storage, such as dairy products, cold cuts or fish.

Asprod’s idea has a chance for success, as bread is one of the basic food products in Poland. Many people cannot imagine breakfast or supper without it. According to a PMR survey conducted in April 2020, in the three months preceding the survey, as many as nine out of 10 respondents made purchases in a bakery. Bakeries are the most popular specialist shop visited by Poles.

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