Will the former MEP save the Browar Zamkowy in Cieszyn?

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Grupa Zywiec wants to sell or close the Browar Zamkowy in Cieszyn. The former deputy and presidential candidate Marek Jakubiak is willing to save it.

Grupa Zywiec: The coronavirus struck craft beers

A few days ago Grupa Zywiec informed that due to the current financial situation it is considering closing down the Browar Zamkowy in Cieszyn. The brewery produces about 60 types of beer, including ale, IPA, porter, lager and non-alcoholic beer.

In the company’s statement, we can read that this is dictated by ‘market adversity exacerbated by the pandemic’. The segment of craft beers, in which the brewery in Cieszyn operates, has been affected by the restriction of sales in gastronomic outlets related to the pandemic and by consumers turning to large, well-known brands.

Additionally, Grupa Zywiec emphasises that in the current market situation it wants to focus on improving its competitive position. This means focusing on key growth areas and segments, with a simultaneous resignation from some assets. According to the company, in the first half of 2020, the sales of beer in kegs (excluding beers from Browar Namyslow) amounted to 90,000 hl, compared to 203,000 hl in the corresponding period of 2019. It accounted for only 4% of the total volume of Grupa Zywiec.

Marek Jakubiak will save the brewery in Cieszyn?

Grupa Zywiec wants to look for an investor for the brewery in Cieszyn by the end of March 2021. The potential buyer appeared very quickly. It is a former Member of Parliament and a candidate for President of the Republic of Poland in 2020. – Marek Jakubiak. Jakubiak has been operating on the brewing market for years.

He is the owner of the company Browary Regionalne Jakubiak, which owns Ciechan Brewery, Browar Lwowek (currently leased), Browar Biskupiec, Porterowka and Whisky Jakubiak. He was also the owner of Tenczynek Brewery, but in mid-2018 he sold it to Manufaktura Piwa, Wodki i Wina, associated with another former deputy, Janusz Palikot.

“I would like to inform you that I have contacted representatives of Grupa Zywiec in order to provide you with information about the will to purchase the company Browar Zamkowy in Cieszyn. Now everything is in the hands of Grupa Zywiec” – wrote Jakubiak on his Twitter.

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