Carrefour: Christophe Rabatel will change Poland to Italy

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Christophe Rabatel, the current CEO of Carrefour Polska, will take up an analogous position on the Italian market from 1st September. In Poland he will be replaced by Tareck Ouaibi.

In Italy, Christophe Rabatel will be responsible for the implementation of the network’s transformation, which has been underway for two years. He will also coordinate further development, i.e. expansion of the Market and Express formats, review of the hypermarket model, development of e-commerce and reorganisation of the headquarters. Rabatel joined Carrefour in 2004. He worked in the branches in Turkey and France. He became General Manager for Poland in July 2018.

His position in Poland is to be taken over by Tareck Ouaibi, currently the operating director of Carrefour Poland. However, this is an interim appointment, so it is not clear whether there will be anyone else to become CEO of Poland in the end.


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