Ciuch w Ruch initiative to reward its customers for recycling their clothes

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Reventex, in cooperation with T-Master, implements the project Ciuch w Ruch, which aims to encourage Poles to recycle textile waste. Vending machines are to be installed in shopping malls, thanks to which the disposal of old clothes will be easier. Additionally, the participating customers will be rewarded for giving away used textiles with shopping vouchers, according to Mariusz Pniewski, Founder/Co-owner of Reventex in an interview for

Shopping voucher for donated kilos

Ciuch w Ruch is a project encouraging the collection of second-hand clothes and shoes. To use the vending machines, the customer needs to register at Re_store belonging to Reventex. After registration, the customer receives a set of stickers with a unique QR code, which after scanning opens a container where you can throw textiles for recycling.

On a special website, one can monitor the kilograms donated, which after reaching a certain level entitle to receive a voucher. Such a voucher becomes a purchase currency in the Re_store (which operates as a second-hand store), or in all retail chains which decide to cooperate with Reventex. The first vending machine can be used in Rondo Wiatraczna shopping centre in Warsaw, and the vouchers can be used in Re_store. However, Reventex is planning to expand its operations to all shopping malls in the country willing to cooperate.

EU directive will force recycling?

In 2025, the EU Directive requiring the separate management of hazardous waste, including textiles, will come into force. That is why Reventex expects its clients to be primarily clothing and footwear chains, which, as manufacturers and retailers, should participate in the costs of using the machines in proportion to the volume of recycled clothing registered in the system. Shopping malls are also to gain, as they will build their image as organizations that care about environmental protection.


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