Coronavirus: Almost full lockdown in Poland

Covid-19: new restrictions in HoReCa from 15 December ?

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

From Saturday, 27 March, further restrictions will apply in Poland. These will largely affect the retail sector.

On Thursday 25 March, a record number of 34,000 new coronavirus infections were reported in Poland. The percentage of both covid beds and respirators occupied has risen to 75%. Therefore, in order to guarantee the efficiency of the health system, further restrictions will be introduced in various sectors, including retail.

From Saturday, March 27, large furniture and construction shops with a sales and service area of more than 2,000 square metres will be closed. The closure of shopping centres and malls is also maintained, except for grocery shops, drugstores, pharmacies, newsagents and bookstores.

In retail outlets, marketplaces and post offices, stricter limits on the number of customers will apply. This will be one person per 15 square metres in shops up to 100 square metres, and one person per 20 square metres in shops over 100 square metres. Beauty parlours, hairdressers and beauticians will also be closed.

For the moment, the restrictions apply until 9 April.

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