Coronavirus already in Poland – overview

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Last week brought the appearance of the first COVID-19 cases in Poland. As of 12:30, March 9th, there are already 16 of them over the country. Thus, the first scenario predicted by PMR already starts to materialize.

Consumers keep calm

According to the results of the survey conducted by SW Research for the Rzeczpospolita, only 20% of the respondents plan to stock up in connection with the epidemic. No such plans exist in 68%. Women, people aged 35-49, with higher education and inhabitants of the smallest towns declare more often that they are making inventories. At the same time, representatives of retail chains assure that they are prepared for increased demand and difficulties in supplies. Retailers prepare themselves, among other things, through stronger central warehouses – such a decision was made by Top Market.

Gains internet

However, some consumers try to avoid crowded areas such as grocery stores. People who want to order groceries with home delivery have to face difficulties. Almost non of online grocery stores have free delivery times for the next day, while this is not normally the problem.

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