Coronavirus: HoReCa and shopping malls reopen

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During today’s conference between Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, a calendar of new epidemic strictures to come into force just after May Day was announced. The loosening of the strictures will take place on a nationwide scale, with no regionalisation applied.

Shopping malls unfrozen first

From 4 May, shopping malls and DIY stores will open with a limit of one person per 15 m². It is worth mentioning that shopping malls, as well as large furniture and construction shops with a sales and service area of more than 2,000 m² were closed on 27 March. The exceptions were grocery shops, drugstores, pharmacies, and newspaper shops. The estimated amount of debt of the entire trade sector is approaching 90 billion PLN, which means the annual cost of interest alone at 3.2 billion PLN.

A leap in the HoReCa sector

Next in line will be hotels, which will start operating on 8 May with a 50% occupancy rate, with the food and spa area closed off. Until now, only workers’ hotels and accommodation provided as part of business trips have been possible. On 15 May, catering gardens will also be back in favour, while all other catering services, including those inside the premises, will only resume on 29 May with the appropriate sanitary regime and a 50% occupancy rate. This is a big leap for restaurants, which in recent months have only served takeaway meals.

In addition, from 15 May, the obligation to wear masks in the open air will be lifted, with a distance of 1.5 metres. All changes are being introduced at an appropriate pace, involving a two-week period to observe them gradually. According to the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology, Jaroslaw Gowin, all business activity with a sanitary regime should be unblocked on 1 June.

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