Coronavirus: Hotels and shopping malls must close again

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

From Saturday, 20 March, restrictions on, among other things, the operation of hotels and shopping malls return. These will apply throughout Poland.

Hotels must suspend their activities, with the exception of workers’ hotels and accommodation provided as part of business trips. Shopping malls will also be closed, with the exception of grocery shops, pharmacies and chemists, newsagents, bookshops, pet shops and DIY shops. Hairdressers, opticians, banks and laundries, among others, will still be allowed to operate in shopping malls.

Theatres, museums, art galleries, swimming pools, ski slopes and sports facilities will also be closed. Distance learning in grades 1-3 will also return.

The restrictions will last until 9 April. If they do not bring the expected drop in infections, a lockdown will be introduced.

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