Coronavirus: More restrictions on trade and gastronomy


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Poland has decided to introduce further restrictions to help stem the very rapidly growing number of coronavirus infections. In comparison with other European countries, the restrictions in Poland do not appear to be so severe.

From Saturday, 17 October, as many as 152 counties, including 11 voivodship cities, will be included in the red zone. This is half of all poviats in Poland. The rest of the country will be in the yellow zone. What does this mean in practice?

In both the yellow and red zones, restaurants can be open between 6 and 21, later they can only operate in take-away mode. Every second table may be occupied. Additionally, swimming pools, aquaparks and gyms are suspended throughout Poland. Additionally, in the red zone, a limit of 5 people per one checkout counter in retail outlets is introduced for shops up to 100 m2 (for shops over 100 m2 it is 1 person per 15 m2). The previously introduced hours for seniors are maintained.

From Monday, 19 October, the red zone also prohibits weddings and other celebrations. In the yellow zone, they can be held for up to 20 people, without dancing.

Europe is taking more radical steps

The Polish government stresses that at present, the main objective is, on the one hand, to guarantee the safety of seniors (the group most at risk of complications due to the infection) and, on the other, the efficiency of the healthcare system. At the same time, this is to be achieved with the least possible impact on the economy. Therefore, the restrictions introduced in Poland seem – at present – to be milder than in other European countries.

For example, Slovakia, until the number of infections has fallen, has decided to close all restaurants under the roof – you can buy a meal and eat it outside. In the Czech Republic, where the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants is record-breaking in Europe, the lockdown has practically been restored to the extent it was in the spring. This means that bars and restaurants (as well as schools) have been closed. The Netherlands also closes restaurants and bans meetings with more than 4 people. Northern Ireland has decided to take similar steps, where additionally, for 4 weeks, beauty or hairdressing salons are also restricted.

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