Coronavirus: Opening of shopping malls, HoReCa still awaits


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On Saturday, the Polish government presented an action plan for the coming months in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Since 28 November, shops in parks and shopping malls have been restored. Restaurants or open hotels will only be able to think about opening when Poland becomes a yellow zone.

Stage of responsibility, including for shopping malls

According to the Polish government, the persistently high number of cases of COVID-19 does not allow the restrictions to be lifted far-reaching. Therefore, there can be no question of unfreezing the economy for the time being. However, from Saturday, 28 November, the restrictions on parks and shopping centres will be relaxed. The shops in them will be able to be opened under a strict sanitary regime and with a maximum occupancy of 1 person per 15 m2.

For the coming month, called the “responsibility stage”, the closure of gastronomy (it can only operate as a take-away service) and hotels (it can only be accepted by people on business trips, doctors and athletes) is maintained. The operation of cinemas, amusement parks, gyms, fitness clubs and aquaparks is also suspended. The hours for seniors are maintained.

When will the opening of restaurants and hotels return?

Remote learning will last until Christmas, but children and young people will return to school in the second half of January at the earliest. This is because winter holidays are planned between 4 and 17 January – at one time for the whole of Poland. However, as announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, restrictions may be imposed which will make winter trips impossible, both in Poland and abroad.

We can think about loosening the restrictions at the earliest after Christmas. However, if we look at the limits for lifting restrictions, it is clear that this will be gradual. If the average number of new cases over the last seven days reaches 19,000, then the red zone rules, as we know them from October, will be introduced throughout Poland. This will mean, among other things, that restaurants will continue to operate in take-away mode.

The yellow zone will be introduced if the average of new cases from 7 days will not exceed 9,400. Then weddings will be able to return (with a limit of 50 people) and the limit of people in shops will be reduced to 1 person/7 m2. Restaurant operations will also be restored (between 6 and 21). The condition for returning to the green zone (with local restrictions) is an average not higher than 3,800 new cases.


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