Selfmaker produces disinfectant dedicated to shopping malls and stores

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Shopping malls and other stores will have dedicated liquid to disinfect cash registers, monitors and screens. It will be produced by Selfmaker – a company that produces self-service equipment.


Disinfectant for shops

Selfmaker, a company that manufactures self-service equipment, will provide Self Nano Silver disinfectant for chains and smaller retail outlets. – In response to service problems, growing public fears of infection and at the same time the need for constant access to first-needed products, we decided to act comprehensively – explains Marek Wieteska, President of Selfmaker.

Self Nano Silver is a disinfectant based on nano-silver molecules, particularly effective in disinfecting surfaces such as monitors and screens. The company aims to make sure that in every self-service point – at checkouts, invoices, and ultimately also at vending sites there are means by which staff or the customer himself will disinfect the usable area. In the current market conditions, self-service equipment is becoming a priority for many retail chains. – Thanks to the fact that we have based the production of the machines on the local supply chain, we are able to fulfil orders for kiosks or vending shops on an ongoing basis, adds Mr Wieteska.

Selfmaker is a Polish technology company that has been designing, assembling and implementing self-service equipment for the retail and catering industry for over five years. So far the company has implemented the equipment to more than 30 corporate customers from all over Europe.

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