Decathlon and IKEA exercise together at home

ikea decathlon

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An unusual joint response from both brands to yet another lockdown – in the face of restrictions, Decathlon and IKEA together encourage physical activity at home.

It all starts with billboards in Warsaw’s Targówek district, near neighbouring Decathlon and IKEA shops. The brands start a direct dialogue on these billboards, motivating each other (and their customers) to take up sporting activities within their own four walls and to properly store the equipment needed to do so.

Exchanging advertising slogans

Brands continue the dialogue on social media. A “teasing” post from one brand and a “cutting retort” from the other in the comments, and vice versa. All in the spirit of sports fair play, using the context and products available in the offer of both shops.

For the duration of the campaign, the brands swap their claims. Now it is Decathlon that welcomes you to a better home, and IKEA that proves itself in sport. In this way the brands further emphasise the purpose of their cooperation – to show that in a properly furnished home you can comfortably play sports.

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