Easter shopping in Poland: Discount stores are not the first choice

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

This year Poles will most often do their Easter shopping at supermarkets and hypermarkets (71%) and discount stores (65%), according to the PAYBACK Opinion Poll.

17% of respondents will go to a market or bazaar, 9% to a local shop and 8% to a delicatessen. 7% of respondents will shop online.

Shopping usually a few days before

When choosing where to shop, most respondents (70%) are guided by convenience and the availability of many products in one place. Low prices and promotions are another incentive (65%). Half of the respondents indicated the quality of the products offered there as the main reason for choosing the shopping place, and for one third of people the location of the place is important. Only one in ten people pay attention to issues related to the safety of shopping; this mainly concerns adherence to sanitary rigours in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Almost half of those surveyed (48%) will only go shopping a few days before Easter. However, the remainder will shop further in advance: 39% a week before the holiday, 10% two weeks before, and 3% of respondents went to the shops even earlier.

Half of those surveyed will spend as much as usual on Easter

About 28% of people declare that they always use promotions during Easter shopping. To find interesting offers, they most often reach for promotional newspapers (66% of respondents), mobile applications or advertisements in print, radio or TV (26% of respondents).

Will the pandemic affect the amount Poles will spend while preparing for Easter? Mostly no: 54% of respondents think they will spend the same as usual, but 37% of respondents say they will look for savings by spending less this Easter. Alongside them is a group of 9% who will increase their Easter spending compared to previous years in the current situation.

The amounts allocated for Easter grocery shopping will not be particularly high: almost three-quarters of those surveyed (72%) intend to stay within the range of PLN 100-500. However 18% of respondents declared higher expenditures (from PLN500 to PLN 1,000). Only 7% of respondents will spend a maximum of PLN 100 for their Easter shopping.

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