Eco-friendly tights invented by a Polish brand

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The Polish brand Gabriella has created the world’s first tights made with 100% recycled threads. This innovative production method uses 90% less water and releases 80% less CO2 into the atmosphere than the traditional way. So far, there are three models made of recycled fabric, but the company is planning on using this technique to create all its remaining products in the future.

While the traditional tights are made of synthetic fibers, the new ecological tights from the “now!” collection, depending on the model, are made from Q-Nova, Lycra Ecomade and Roica Ecosmart fibers obtained from recycled materials.

Additionally, all of these threads meet the Global Recycled Standard. It is an international certificate that guarantees the verification of the content of the recycled fibers in the final product, responsible social, environmental and chemical practice in production, a modern approach in business, and providing customers with the tools to make informed decisions.

Gabriella has also introduced a new method of packaging their products, where foil is replaced with a biodegradable PLA material, created from sugars. The paper elements are fully recyclable, and the e-commerce shipments are packed in cardboard boxes instead of poly mailers, complete with instructions on how to prepare the individual elements for recycling purposes. 

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