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The empik.com online shop has just launched its partnership programme. It is aimed at influencers who can promote products from the shop’s offer in exchange for commission on sales and additional bonuses. According to Empik, it is the first permanent solution of this kind on the Polish market.

Social media or business machines?

The power of social media is very strong these days. It is no secret that they are also used on a large scale to promote products. The most recognisable Polish influencers can count on high earnings for so-called sponsored posts, although they are still far from the stars from across the ocean. Unofficially, it is said that Kylie Jenner is taking as much as $1.2 million for one such post at the Instagram!

The main advantage of well conducted social media campaigns is that they are similar to organic content that appears on such sites. In addition, the level of trust in the creators observed in social media and their recommendations may have an effect similar to that of their friends. This makes such promotion highly effective.

A partnership programme for young and ambitious people

These trends have been exploited by empik.com when launching a partnership programme aimed at influencers. His idea is simple and assumes the promotion of products chosen by a given person in return for remuneration. Empik provides for three types of remuneration: CPS (cost per sale, i.e. commission on the sale of a product, can be as much as 4%), CPC (cost per click, i.e. commission on each click on an advertisement) or in a hybrid model. The promotion can take place on a blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Toku or other social media.

Empik emphasises that the programme is addressed “to young, ambitious influencers who want to share their passions with the world and want to strengthen their position“. Since its launch in the second week of September, over 200 Internet creators have registered on the platform. Before joining the programme, each account is verified and applications are considered individually.

According to the PMR report, empik.com is among the 10 largest e-shops on the Polish market.

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