Every fifth zloty spent in Hebe in 2019 comes from the sale of private labels or exclusive brands

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In 2019, Hebe noted private labels and exclusive brands sales of PLN 222 million (€52 million). The popularity of private labels is confirmed by the PMR survey – more than half of respondents declare such purchases.

According to the company’s report, 20% of sales revenue in 2019 was made up of the chain’s private labels and products available only in the Hebe stores. This means that with the network’s revenues of PLN 1.1 bn (€259 m), these sales were at PLN 222 m (€52 m).

Among Hebe’s private label brands, one can distinguish: Hebe Professional (hair care and nail products and accessories), Hebe Basics (personal care products), and Hebe Cosmetics (shower gel, liquid soap, and hand and foot cream).

Over half of Poles buy private label cosmetics

The results of the survey conducted by PMR in September 2019 for the report “Private label retail market in Poland 2019” show that 52% of respondents bought a private label cosmetic in the prior month.

The largest number of respondents (almost 60%) bought private-label shower gel or bath cream, while shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products, as well as soaps and liquid soaps were also popular.

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