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Factory Krakow opens up to tourists

centrum handlowe wewnątrz

FACTORY Krakow has started cooperation with the Cracow Chamber of Tourism, which allows for wider access to its offer to tourists visiting Krakow.

FACTORY Kraków, the only outlet centre in Małopolska, has started cooperation with the Cracow Chamber of Tourism. The shopping centre will promote its offer in places where most tourists come to visit. Through cooperation with transport companies, tour operators, hotels and tourist attractions, it will allow to select the most effective promotional tools and reach those interested in shopping in the outlet.

Shopping tourism is still developing in Poland

According to Agnieszka Kasprzyk – Oleksy, director of FACTORY Krakow in NEINVER – Shopping tourism, common in Western Europe, is still developing in Poland. Popular outlet stores often occupy leading positions in tourist guides of these countries as attractive places to visit. Cooperation with the Cracow Chamber of Tourism is to support FACTORY in reaching customers among tourists and establishing business relations with partners associated in the organization.

According to the company’s data, the average bill of a tourist visiting the centre in the first half of this year was about 450 PLN. Customers from other countries were most interested in buying premium brands from the women’s, men’s and children’s fashion segment. Among the tourists shopping in the centre there are representatives of: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Jerusalem, Norway, United Arab Emirates, China and Egypt.

What is more, the location of the shopping centre is conducive to the visits of tourists. The distance from the airport in Krakow is almost 5 minutes by car. The outlet is located near the A4 motorway and important national roads.

About Factory Krakow

FACTORY Krakow is the largest outlet centre in southern Poland. On 21 300 m² of retail space it gathers 106 shops of well-known Polish and world brands. The brands present in the centre include Trussardi, Calvin Klein, Guess, Bialcon, Tommy Hilfiger, Wrangler, Levi’s, Gino Rossi, Converse, Geox, Kazar, Adidas, Nike, 4F, New Balance, Ochnik, Puccini, Wittchen and Apart.

The centre is managed by NEINVER, the leading outlet centre manager in Spain and Poland, and the second largest in Europe. In Poland, NEINVER currently manages a network of four Factory outlets: in Warsaw (Factory Annopol and Factory Ursus), Poznan and Krakow. The company also has a Silesia Outlet in Gliwice and a Futura retail park in Kraków.

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Parliamentary election in Poland


Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Poland won by the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS). It seems that with a result allowing for the continuation of independent rule. For the retail market, it means a continuation of current trends, i.e. on the one hand stimulation of the market with social spending, and on the other hand a growing number of regulations and uncertainty about the adopted law.

Since taking power in 2015. The Law and Justice party has introduced a number of social programs that have made a positive impact on the disposable income of Poles, and thus on their consumption spending. It is worth mentioning here first of all the introduction and then extension of the Family 500 programme (PLN 500 per month for parents from each child in the family), payment of a pension of PLN 1.1 thousand, reduction of the basic…

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Personnel Changes

Włodzimierz Wlaźlak joins Management Board of Lidl Polska


Lidl Polska has changed the composition of the Management Board. Włodzimierz Wlaźlak, who has been working for Lidl for 17 years, has joined the Management Board of Lidl Polska. Włodzimierz Wlaźlak will be responsible for the structures of the company’s sales divisions.

Włodzimierz Wlaźlak becomes member of Management Board of Lidl Polska

Włodzimierz Wlaźlak, who has been working for Lidl for 17 years, has joined the Management Board of Lidl Polska. Together with Maciej Tylkowski and Janusz Włodarzczyk, he will manage the structures of the company’s sales divisions.

Włodzimierz Wlaźlak is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Łódź and the Justus Liebig University in Giessen (Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen).

Lidl employs approximately 20,000 people in Poland. In the financial year 2018/2019, Lidl’s net turnover in Poland amounted to over PLN…

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Celebrities help fuel fashion for natural cosmetics


Rising popularity of natural cosmetics in Poland. The trend is supported by the current fashion for a healthy lifestyle and growing consumer awareness. This trend is fuelled by celebrities, who creates of their own lines of natural cosmetics. An example is Anna Lewandowska, who has just announced that she is launching her own brand of natural and vegan cosmetics – Phlov by Anna Lewandowska.

There are more and more people with skin problems and allergies who are looking for alternative products. Furthermore, the slow life ideal is gaining traction, and consumers generally are becoming much more aware in their choices. All this is driving demand for organic and sustainable cosmetics made with natural ingredients, which have already ceased being a niche on the Polish market. Consumers increasingly pay attention to product labels and ingredient lists as they search for cosmetics the highest quality, and manufacturers are responding with a growing array of products. Celebrities are getting in…

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Kendall Jenner in Reserved’s new campaign


American model Kendall Jenner has become another foreign star promoting Polish clothing brand Reserved. Previously, the brand was advertised by Cindy Crowford, Kate Moss and Irina Shayk, among others.

Kendall Jenner in Reserved’s autumn/winter campaign

Kendall Jenner, an American model and celebrity, became the face of the campaign of the Polish clothing brand Reserved in the autumn-winter season 2019/2020. Gordon Von Steiner, who has worked with brands such as Prada and Gucci, was the director of the Reserved’s campaign “Ciao Kendall”. The hairstyles were styled by Versace show stylist Jacob K.

Foreign stars have already advertised the Reserved brand before. Reserved was advertised by Kate Moss, Irina Shayk and Cindy Crowford and others.

Reserved is one of the five fashion brands ( along with House, Cropp, Mohito and Sinsay) belonging to the Polish…

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Packing an important part of online shopping


When buying products – also on the Internet – more and more Poles pay attention to the way they are packaged. The tolerance to plastic abuse is decreasing among consumers. This trend is also supported by European legislation to prevent plastic pollution.

Decreasing tolerance to plastic packing

Due to changing consciousness, tolerance for abuse of disposable plastic is decreasing. Consumers are increasingly paying attention not only to the products they buy and the materials they are made of, but also to their packaging, including how they pack them when they ship. The zero waste philosophy also contributes to the promotion of new, more environmentally friendly solutions.

To meet consumers’ expectations, retailers implements changes in this area, including packaging in the spirit of zero/less waste. Thus, the leader of the clothing market LPP, points out that online purchases…

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Tesco to stop sale of live carp


This year, before Christmas, customers will not be able to buy live carp at Tesco stores in Poland. Only refrigerated and frozen fish will be available at Tesco stores in Poland.

There will be no live carp in Tesco’s pre-Christmas offer

Tesco chain informed that this year live carp will be withdrawn from the offer of its stores in Poland.

Compassion Polska pressed for the withdrawal of live carp from the offer. As a result of the “przeRYBAne” campaign conducted by the organisation, Tesco received several thousand e-mails from Poles who pressed for the withdrawal of live carp from the offer.

In addition to Tesco, live carp cannot be bought in hypermarkets Bi1, Biedronka, Lidl, Aldi or in most shops of Selgros and Auchan.

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