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Factory Krakow opens up to tourists

centrum handlowe wewnątrz

FACTORY Krakow has started cooperation with the Cracow Chamber of Tourism, which allows for wider access to its offer to tourists visiting Krakow.

FACTORY Kraków, the only outlet centre in Małopolska, has started cooperation with the Cracow Chamber of Tourism. The shopping centre will promote its offer in places where most tourists come to visit. Through cooperation with transport companies, tour operators, hotels and tourist attractions, it will allow to select the most effective promotional tools and reach those interested in shopping in the outlet.

Shopping tourism is still developing in Poland

According to Agnieszka Kasprzyk – Oleksy, director of FACTORY Krakow in NEINVER – Shopping tourism, common in Western Europe, is still developing in Poland. Popular outlet stores often occupy leading positions in tourist guides of these countries as attractive places to visit. Cooperation with the Cracow Chamber of Tourism is to support FACTORY in reaching customers among tourists and establishing business relations with partners associated in the organization.

According to the company’s data, the average bill of a tourist visiting the centre in the first half of this year was about 450 PLN. Customers from other countries were most interested in buying premium brands from the women’s, men’s and children’s fashion segment. Among the tourists shopping in the centre there are representatives of: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Jerusalem, Norway, United Arab Emirates, China and Egypt.

What is more, the location of the shopping centre is conducive to the visits of tourists. The distance from the airport in Krakow is almost 5 minutes by car. The outlet is located near the A4 motorway and important national roads.

About Factory Krakow

FACTORY Krakow is the largest outlet centre in southern Poland. On 21 300 m² of retail space it gathers 106 shops of well-known Polish and world brands. The brands present in the centre include Trussardi, Calvin Klein, Guess, Bialcon, Tommy Hilfiger, Wrangler, Levi’s, Gino Rossi, Converse, Geox, Kazar, Adidas, Nike, 4F, New Balance, Ochnik, Puccini, Wittchen and Apart.

The centre is managed by NEINVER, the leading outlet centre manager in Spain and Poland, and the second largest in Europe. In Poland, NEINVER currently manages a network of four Factory outlets: in Warsaw (Factory Annopol and Factory Ursus), Poznan and Krakow. The company also has a Silesia Outlet in Gliwice and a Futura retail park in Kraków.

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Cubus clothing brand exits Poland


Norwegian clothing brand Cubus leaves Poland. In July this year, the Polish subsidiary filed for bankruptcy. The court approved the application at the beginning of September.

Cubus to close its stores in Poland by the end of October

The Cubus Polish subsidiary filed for bankruptcy on 30 July 2019, which was reported by wp.pl. At the beginning of September, the court approved the application – it declared the company bankrupt and appointed a receiver responsible for its liquidation. According to tvn24bis.pl, the majority of Cubus stores in Poland will probably close down by the end of October. The reason for the decision to leave the Polish market was poor financial results in recent years.

Cubus is part of the Varner Group and has stores in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Latvia and Poland (currently several).

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Takeovers and Acquisitions

Kaufland interested in taking over Tesco stores


The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has received a request from Kaufland to take over five Tesco stores. The stores are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Lublin.

Kaufland goes shopping

On 30 August 2019, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) received applications from Kaufland Markety Polska regarding the acquisition of part of the property of Snowfinch and Zodiac companies. It concerns the acquisition of property in the form of rights and obligations to five retail areas currently used by Tesco. Kaufland intends to take over large-format Tesco stores located in Krakow at Wielicka Street, Wroclaw at Dluga Street, Gdansk at Cienista Street, Warsaw at Stalowa Street and Lublin at Orkana Street.

Number of Tesco stores in Poland shrinks

The number of Tesco stores in Poland is decreasing…

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Consumer Research Market Trends

First Take&Go store openes in Poznan


On 10 September in Poznan the first Take&Go store was opened. This is a new format of unmanned grocery stores, developed by Surge Cloud. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, customers do not have to self-service checkout – a special system connected with the Take&Go application in a smartphone does it for them.

Number of unmanned shops is growing

Take&Go is not the first unmanned shop in Poland – the first one was Bio Family Supermarket in Poznan, where since October 2018 you can shop around the clock – the shop is opened thanks to a special card or application and customers use automatic cash registers. However, Take&Go is distinguished by its technological advancement – it is a cashierless store. This solution is much closer to the American Amazon Go.

The opening of similar stores on the Polish…

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Market News

Polomarket becomes a sponsor of the new reality show


The Polomarket supermarket chain has announced that it has become a sponsor of the new reality show “Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law”. And who is in charge here?”. This is another investment in the network’s TV sponsoring project in the last two years.

On 10 September, Polomarket announced that it has become a sponsor of the new reality show “Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law”. And who is in charge here?”. The investment in the TV sponsoring project is to help promote the Polomarket brand and private label products.

The scenario of the programme assumes a competition between four couples (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law). While performing the tasks, it will be necessary to make purchases in Polomarket stores. In this way, the supermarket chain wants to locate its products.

Krzysztof Szultka, the chain’s marketing director, reminded us that this is another investment of…

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Personnel Changes

Frisco.pl has new CEO


Jacek Palec has replaced Grzegorz Bielecki as the CEO of the Frisco.pl online store. Grzegorz Bielecki, who for the last year served as the CEO of Frisco.pl, will remain on the Management Board of the company.

Jacek Palec takes over duties of CEO of Frisco.pl e-shop

Jacek Palec started his professional career 20 years ago in the banking sector, among others as a sales director in Euro Bank, he also managed AIP Seed Capital fund which invests in start-ups. Before assuming the position of President of Frisco.pl, Jacek Palec worked at Allegro, where he managed the development of the FMCG segment.

Grzegorz Bielecki has stayed on the management board of the company and will act as its operational director.

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No more free plastic bags at stores in Poland


Poles started to pay for some disposable plastic bags in shops in January 2018. At present, all plastic bags, with the exception of thin disposable bags for packing bread and vegetables, are paid for. The fees are valid from 1 September 2019.

Extension of fees for plastic bags

The introduction of fees for plastic bags (15 to 50 micrometers thick) in 2018 has not brought any environmental benefits. The environmental effects of reducing the use of plastic bags were not achieved because, as the Ministry of the Environment says, some shops started to deliver bags over 50 micrometers thick to their customers.

As a result, changes were introduced and from 1 September 2019 all plastic bags over 15 micrometers thick are charged in shops. The exception is bags used for packing bread or vegetables. For every…

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