Falling number of clothing and footwear stores in Poland

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The number of clothing and footwear stores in Poland has been decreasing for several years. Compared to 2014, in 2018 there were almost 2,500 fewer stores.

The number of clothing and footwear stores in Poland increased slightly in 2018, with a growth rate of 0.8% compared to the previous year. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office (GUS), there were nearly 320 stores in Poland. This is the first year with an increase in the number of stores after two years of decline. However, compared to 2014, in 2018 there were almost 2,500 fewer stores.

Rapid growth of e-commerce, market consolidation, and growing competitive pressure from main players and large grocers – who are expanding their clothing and footwear offers – are, among others, factors that may have contributed to the fall. Importantly, the decline does not seem attributable solely to small no-logo stores closing down, as some large players are now also deciding to limit their brick-and-mortar expansion.

What affects the falling number of stores in Poland?

Importantly, the decline does not seem to be due solely to the closure of small stores. Also some of the larger players are now deciding to limit their expansion of brick-and-mortal This is due both to the growing share of sales in the online store and the opening of larger stores, and the reduction in their number.

Moreover, an online store is already a standard. According to a survey conducted by PMR for the purposes of the report “Clothing and footwear retail market in Poland 2019“, almost 9 out of 10 companies from the clothing and footwear sector operate their own online store.

The market is becoming increasingly consolidated. On the clothing market, the 15 major retailers hold approximately 60% of the market, while in the case of footwear the 10 largest companies generate almost a half of sales in the industry.


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