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There are 83,000 confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide, of which almost 79,000 in China. Approximately 400 confirmed cases occur every day. In China, Wuhan and the Hubei Province are leading the way with over 65,000 cases. The main reason for this number is the lack of rapid response. On the other hand, it is only 0.1 % of the population of Hubei Province. In Beijing with about 400 cases, it is only 0.002% of the population. However, in the case of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, the infection rate is about 20%, which is not surprising given that this virus is drip-transmitted.

So, do you have to be afraid of the coronavirus? Nearly every fifth person infected has a very serious course of the disease (especially weakened, elderly people) and the mortality rate of these people is significant. About 3,000 people have already died in China, more than 3% of the infections found. For comparison, the mortality rate for influenza is below 0.005%. Therefore, one should be cautious and wait for better weather (specialists speak about April), which should weaken the spread of the virus.

Although we are currently discussing a very low number of infected people in Europe, this virus has already had a negative impact on local economies, including Poland. Problems with the supply of many products from China, or significant delays are the first effect. The second is the already visible decline in tourism – as reported by operators from Kraków – and in general a smaller number of meetings, events, or, as we can see from some countries, closed schools, churches. Significant volatility on world stock exchanges, which in the current tense situation (where some key economies have more and more negative data) may cause a very unwanted domino effect. The worse-than-expected GDP performance in Q1 in many countries is already a fact.

So it is worthwhile to observe the situation and of course take care of your health.

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