Frisco arrives in Krakow

Frisco arrives in Krakow

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The online supermarket Frisco, belonging to the Eurocash Group, opened its new branch in Krakow on September 20. Initially, the store’s offer will include 8,000 products, however, that range is to continue to expand.

Krakow will be the fourth city in which Frisco operates. In addition to Krakow, Frisco provides its services in Warsaw, Poznan and Wrocław. The store’s warehouse will be located in Cholerzyn, near Krakow. Frisco supports the local business in selecting their suppliers – for the Krakow branch, a cooperation has been established with, among others : the Zloty Klos bakery, the Płatek butcher shop, and Anka, a family company that produces hand-made dumplings. The president also emphasizes that when it comes to potential suppliers, Frisco intends to take the preferences of Krakow customers into account and, based on their opinion, to further expand the offer.

When ordering purchases from, you will be able to use all categories of products: food and cosmetics, cleaning products and pet products. The offer also includes a wide selection of organic and vegan products.

Eurocash Group is the largest Polish company that deals with wholesale distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). It is also the organizer of franchise, agency and partner networks, including: ABC, Lewiatan, Groszek, Euro Sklep, Gama, Duży Ben.

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