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The Glovo mobile application, which specialises in on-demand deliveries, has just exceeded 1 million downloads in Poland (App Store and Google Play). Although a wide range of products can be ordered with Glovo, it is widely used to deliver food.

Glovo in Poland: 1 million application downloads

Glovo has been operating in Poland since July 2019, following the acquisition of The idea behind the application is to be able to order “anything” and delivery takes place in less than an hour. Glovo has over 2,700 partner points in Poland, including McDonald’s and KFC restaurants and Biedronka and Carrefour shops. The application operates in 30 cities in Poland, but Glovo announces a systematic expansion of its offer and development of all order categories. In total, around the world, the application is used by approximately 2.6 million users per month. It is available in 22 countries and about 550 cities.

The most numerous group of Glovo users in Poland are people aged 26-35 years. Slightly more often they are women. According to Glovo, users use the application most often on Friday and Saturday between 5 pm and 7 pm. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant number of orders took place at lunchtime, but due to the fact that a significant number of offices were switched to remote mode, this statistic has changed. Nowadays orders are made all day long. According to the company, this may also be influenced by a wider offer in the food purchasing segment.

Poles are eager to order a delivery service

According to PMR’s report “HoReCa market in Poland 2020”, the food delivery market is growing strongly. Ordering food over the phone continues
The role of the Internet is enormous, but more and more often Poles place orders via the Internet (including mobile applications). This is undoubtedly facilitated by the presence and recently growing popularity of aggregators on the Polish market, which focus the offers of various types of restaurants, organising the delivery of food from them to the customer.

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