Glovo enters Q-commerce

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Glovo, a mobile application specialising in on-demand deliveries, is entering a new business segment. As part of Q-commerce, it wants to deliver ordered products within a maximum of 30 minutes in an urban area.

In mid-November Glovo announced its entry into the Q-commerce segment. The first country to implement the system will be the native Spanish market (Glovo will allocate  €20m for this purpose). Within 12 months the company wants to extend the new functionality to the rest of European countries and Africa. Q-commerce is to provide not only food and restaurant products, but also toys, cosmetics, flowers or clothes.

Glovo will create a network of 100 dark stores

The Q-commerce strategy implemented by Glovo is based on building a network of so-called dark stores, i.e. warehouses dedicated to handling internet orders. During 2021, Glovo wants to create about 100 dark starlets. This means that Glovo couriers will not purchase products in shops, but will pick them up directly from the warehouses. The aim is to speed up the whole process considerably and enable deliveries in the declared 30 minutes. Glovo is already signing agreements in this area, both with manufacturers such as Nestle and L’Oreal and with supermarket chains. In Poland, they include Empik, Biedronka and Auchan.

The demand for fast deliveries has increased thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the opinion of Daniel Alonso Moreno, who has been the director of the Q-commerce department at Glovo since November, customers no longer want to wait 24 or 48 hours for ordered products. They expect delivery time measured in minutes, not hours or days. These are the needs that Glovo, which has the ambition to become the number one platform in local deliveries on request, wants to respond to.

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