Green Factory will test salad vending machines


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Green Factory will introduce salad robots to Poland under the Fit & Easy brand. Customers will be able to decide for himself what products his meal will consist of.

The first project of this kind in Poland

The new solution, developed by the technology company Chowbotics and implemented in Poland by Green Factory, is a specialized robot for preparing salads, which offers both ready-made options and custom proposals at the customer’s discretion. The salad preparation process will be fully automated. The robot will contain twenty-two containers that will be filled with fresh products, from which each consumer will be able to choose the products that interest them. The meal preparation itself only takes about 90 seconds. At any time, consumers also have the opportunity to observe this operation through the glass of the vending machine. The vending machine is fully equipped to prepare about 60 types of salads.

As the owner of Green Factory admits, the current idea to implement vending machines is a pilot project to check whether Polish consumers are open to this modern solution. During the testing phase, the company wants to check different locations. Vending machines will be placed, among others, in office buildings, shopping centers, as well as public buildings or gas stations. Locations in large grocery stores or convenience stores are also possible. The pilot project (which is to last from three to six months) is to allow to examine where there is the biggest demand for such machines and learn about culinary preferences of potential customers.

With an emphasis on hygiene

At the same time, during the process of preparing salads and delivering products to the vending machine, Green Factory guarantees full hygiene and product safety. All ingredients will be prepared in a specially dedicated kitchen. In the case of the product transport and exchange process, all containers will be stored with full refrigeration and no contact between the operator of the device and food. The vending machine will also be equipped with safety systems which, in the event of unexpected failures (e.g. power failure for more than 15 minutes), will protect the customer from buying stale food.

As Green Factory emphasizes, the products in the salad robot will be replaced systematically. The maximum time one product will spend in the machine is two days. In addition, the quality of the products will be controlled by the robot itself, which will turn off access to a particular ingredient in case of bad shelf life.

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