Growing popularity of subscriptions

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Poles are more and more willing to use subscription services. Film and music services have become part of our lives for good. A survey conducted by PMR in August 2018 for the e-commerce in Poland 2018 report shows that 66% of respondents use subscription services in any form. For the purposes of the study, these services also include paying bills by fixed transfer, which should not be treated as a subscription service, but the mechanism of operation is similar and completes the list of possible services.

The most popular subscription service is the use of VOD and film services, not counting account fees by regular transfer. It is worth mentioning in particular in the context of the launch of the Polish language version of Amazon Prime in August 2018. This is a relatively new service (Netflix has been present in Poland since January 2016, Showmax since February 2017), but quickly gaining new supporters. Attracting new customers is facilitated by favourable terms of use – most of the services offer free trial periods, promotions and, if necessary, very easy resignation from services (without notice periods), which makes cable and satellite TV different. The growing amount of materials available not only in Polish, but also in Poland, with Showmax and HBO GO at the forefront, but Netflix also has similar plans.

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