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The first foreign shop of the CCC Group’s HalfPrice chain, which offers products of well-known brands at reduced prices, has launched in Hungary. The brand started its activity in Poland in May 2021 and pursues expansion into foreign markets as one of its important business goals.

HalfPrice is a chain offering a wide range of articles such as clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, or home furnishings and accessories. The chain is built on the off-price concept, due to which it can offer customers products of popular brands at attractive prices. According to Joanna Czyzewska, HalfPrice’s Sales Director, the opening of many shops will make it possible to present a very diverse offer to customers.

Although the chain made its debut in Poland in May this year, HalfPrice already has 21 stationary shops in the country.  Currently, HalfPrice is planning to open new shops in other countries, and the newly opened shop in Hungary marks the beginning of the brand’s expansion into European markets. The chain has already announced that it will debut in Austria in August and in the Czech Republic a month later. According to Adam Holewa, HalfPrice’s CEO, such a strategy is an important business goal for the company. By the end of 2021, about 60 shops of the brand are to be established in Europe.

The CCC group has been present on the Hungarian market for 9 years, which, as Malwina Winter, the Vice President of the Management Board of HalfPrice Shopping adds, has made it possible to get to know the needs of the consumers. In addition, the opening of the shop in the prestigious location of Budapest should attract not only locals but also tourists, and the HalfPrice shop should soon become a frequently visited point on the shopping map of the city.

CCC is optimizing stationary shops

Last year, the CCC chain decided to adapt to the market trends and started to change its strategy, which is based mainly on the digitalization of stationary shops. A hybrid formula was chosen, which involves the customer in both offline and online shopping. An additional measure was to reduce the number of outlets, as well as to change their surface area. In 2020, the size of 15 shops was reduced, while this year the change is planned in as many as several dozen locations.

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