Media Expert welcomes surprising artistic director

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Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Media Expert, the electronic store chain has announced its cooperation with the new art director. The Polish singer Cleo will be responsible for the musical and visual creation of the advertising campaign, which will start on 2 November 2020. The vocalist will also appear in Media Expert advertising spots.

The network started working with Cleo at the beginning of October, but so far the information has been kept secret. In the recent years Media Expert has been improving its position in the competitive market for consumer electronics, household appliances and electronic equipment, recording double-digit revenue growth rates. This is achieved thanks to the expansion of its retail footprint (currently 484 locations) and the growing popularity of the chain’s online store.

Rival chain ben on a disco polo star 

During the summer holidays, Media Markt, the major consumer electronics chain, has decided to cooperate with Zenon Martyniuk in the “Summer with Zenek” spots. The Heart & Brain agency was responsible for creating the campaign.


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