IKEA has started fighting smog

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

IKEA is working on an air-purifying curtain, according to a press release last week. The air purifying curtain will appear in IKEA stores in 2020 and will be available in all countries where the chain is present.

The GUNRID curtain is the result of cooperation with scientists and experts in the field of air quality. Thanks to the thin mineral coating covering the material, air pollutants are broken down when in contact with light. The technology is similar to photosynthesis, and the process itself can be initiated by both natural and artificial light. In the future, similar IKEA technology will also be used in combination with other textiles, complemented by an air purification function.

As the network emphasizes, it is the first product using the method of photosynthesis, in which light is an important factor causing chemical reactions to occur.

This product has a great potential in a country where more than 160 days a year air quality standards are exceeded. Moreover, every year more than 44,000 Poles die prematurely due to air pollution, according to data from the European Environment Agency.

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