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Increasing interpenetration of online and offline worlds

Recent months have brought a series of reports of the launch of modern stationary shops, often closely linked to online shops. And we are not talking about solutions such as Amazon Go, but about shops that exist or are being built in Poland.

An ideal example is the innovative Carrefour Pro hypermarket opened in December 2017 in Atrium Promenada in Warsaw. The facility with an area of approx. 2,000 m² contains many solutions so far absent from the stores. The stores offer includes approx. Customers have the opportunity to view the entire Carrefour offer on touchscreens and order home products. The new IKEA store in Warsaw, in the Blue City shopping centre, whose opening is planned for 2018, is to function in a similar way. The store, with an area of 4,500 m², is to be much smaller than other stores of the chain in Poland. The offer will include selected interior design products, while the full offer will be available for ordering via the Internet from touchscreens placed in the store. Recently, IKEA has opened a similar store in the centre of Madrid, albeit with twice as much space and an even more limited range of products.

The opening of stationary stores by online players is also becoming more and more popular, and the main motivation is to familiarise with the offer of customers who have not yet made online purchases. already has three such shops (in Zielona Góra, Wrocław, Poznań). The company’s showrooms are very different from traditional stationary shops – there are no shoes at exhibitions and customers browse the offer on tablets placed in the shop, while selected products are brought to try on by the shop’s employees. For example, the showroom in Wrocław has 3,700 m², of which 2,000 m² are intended for customers, and the rest is in an automated warehouse, some of which is seen by the customers of the showroom. The store offers 100,000 products. Ultimately, plans to have six to nine showrooms located in the largest Polish cities. Since November 2017, has opened four stores in shopping malls (in Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław and Warsaw). They are supposed to combine online and offline shopping experience – they function as collection points, customers can try perfume and make a purchase on the spot, thanks to tablets placed in the shop or directly from a smartphone, thanks to Wi-Fi access. You can also seek advice from consultants.

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Makarun makes its debut in Dubai


At the beginning of December 2019, Makarun, a Polish chain of restaurants specializing in pasta dishes, opened its first franchise store in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Foreign expansion of Makarun

At the beginning of December, Makarun, a Polish chain of restaurants specializing in pasta dishes, debuted with its first franchise store in Dubai. The Makarun restaurant opened in Palm Jumeirah is the largest restaurant of the chain so far. The Makarun menu has been modified and adapted to local conditions.

Makarun has signed an agreement with Pasta People group, with a masterfranchise option based on the implementation of the network development plan. It assumes that in the Middle East and North Africa more Makarun points will appear in the next few years.

This is not the first foreign point of Makaruna. Earlier, the chain…

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Market News

Home appliances and consumer electronics market poised for slowdown


After a few years of strong market growth of 4.5-6.5%, in the 2020-2024 perspective we should expect lower sales dynamics of consumer electronics, household appliances and electronic equipment. According to a new report from PMR, “Retail market of home appliances, electronics and digital media in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024″.

The last few years have been very good for this part of the Polish retail market. It has grown at a robust pace, driven by factors such as a boom in housing and home renovations, households upgrading their televisions to larger screen sizes, or smartphone replacement. Additionally, a good economic situation combined with social transfers made Poles willing to use household appliances, audio and video equipment and electronic equipment.

Home appliances and consumer electronics market poised…

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Consumer Research

Do Poles hunt for a deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


According to a recent PMR survey, fewer than one-third of Poles (28%) make purchases on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The prevalence of the phenomenon does not differ substantially between women (29%) and men (27%).

Will Poles hunt for a deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday this year was on 29th November. Another opportunity to do shopping at promotional prices will appear on the so-called Cyber Monday, on 2nd December.

In Poland, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming more and more popular every year, but still a small percentage of Poles declare shopping on those days.

Fewer than one-third of Poles make purchases on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

In our latest survey carried out at the end of August and beginning of September 2019,…

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News Personnel Changes

Sebastian Pawłowski the new Vice-President in Komputronik


The supervisory board of the Komputronik appointed Sebastian Pawłowski as Vice-President. In his new position, he will be responsible for the development of sales to business customers.

Sebastian Pawłowski has been working in the IT industry since 2002. He is a graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation. He has many years of experience in the IT market, in sales, implementation and maintenance of IT projects.

So far, he has held the position of Vice-President of Komputronik Biznes and President of Movity, the subsidiaries of Komputronika. He took over the position after Krzysztof Nowak, who resigned from his position. He gave personal reasons for his resignation. At the same time, he will continue to be the company’s CFO.

About the company

Komputronik was established in October 1996, when…

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News Trends

Delivery from AliExpress directly to the package locker


InPost, the largest logistics operator in Poland, has concluded a direct agreement for the handling of deliveries and orders with AliExpress, a platform from the Alibaba Group. Thus, it became a strategic partner for AliExpress in Poland.

From November 2019 AliExpress customers can collect shipments from China in InPost parcel lockers all over Poland. This delivery option is available directly from the AliExpress website. Moreover, if the value of the purchase exceeds $5, the delivery of the goods via InPost is free of charge.

AliExpress is the most popular foreign service among Polish consumers.

According to a PMR survey prepared for the purposes of Online market in Poland 2019 report, AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay are the most popular foreign trade platforms among Polish consumers. What is…

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First Carrefour BIO store opens in Poland


On 15 November 2019, the Carrefour chain introduced a new format of shops to Poland and opened its first certified organic food store, Carrefour BIO, in Warsaw. It is the 900th store of the chain in Poland.

First Carrefour BIO store opens in Warsaw

With the concept of certified eco food shops, the Carrefour chain has been present in France, Belgium and Spain. Poland is the fourth country to which this concept has been introduced. On 15 November 2019, at Marszalkowska Street in Warsaw, the first Carrefour BIO store in Poland was opened.

The shop offers 250 types of fresh products (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish), as well as 2,200 packaged products. The assortment of the Carrefour BIO store also includes 250 products of the Carrefour BIO private label. Apart from over 150 m2 of retail space, there…

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