InPost provides parcel machines for OLX under a 5-year strategic partnership agreement

InPost provides parcel machines for OLX

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InPost and OLX have entered into a strategic partnership in terms of logistics of parcels available for users of the classifieds website OLX. The agreement was signed for 5 years.

InPost has reached yet another crucial strategic cooperation. “We work with virtually all of Poland’s online sales platforms. Because deliveries to our parcel machines are the most often picked type of delivery by e-commerce customers in Poland, we expect considerable volumes to be channeled to InPost parcel machines in the first year of partnership. Because we just finished a massive investment program last year, we ended the year with over 16 thousand parcel machines, our infrastructure is perfectly equipped to manage the extra traffic. However, we still have room for further strategic alliances and agreements,” stated InPost CEO Rafal Brzoska in a news statement.

In turn, OLX general manager Michal Malewski added that the OLX parcel service is growing in popularity and this option is already available in more than half, or almost 13 million ads present on the platform. InPost has a network of over 19.000 parcel machines in Poland, UK and Italy and provides courier and fulfillment services for e-commerce sellers in Poland, working with over 40.000 e-tailers.

The booming e-commerce segment, especially in times of the covid-19 pandemic, definitely comes with a range of undisputed benefits. However, packaging still remains that pebble in the shoe – last year alone, more than 640 million parcels were shipped in Poland, with even more to come this year. Spurred by the pandemic, the e-commerce market in Poland grew by a record 45% in 2020 and reached approximately 15% of the country’s retail sales, according to a report from PMR. We project that e-commerce will account for more than 20% of retail sales already in 2023.

With the current growth of e-commerce market there is only one direction – logistics must be modern, efficient and even more ecological. Thus InPost introduced the first in Poland system of secondary packaging circulation in e-commerce. Packaging is sized according to the product being shipped, so that it does not carry air. After receiving the package it is enough to return it to the nearest parcel machine, and after a thorough cleaning it will be returned to circulation. According to the Gemius study, although 55% of surveyed Poles choose courier delivery to home or work, parcel machine delivery is still the most popular. This option is chosen by as many as 61% of respondents.

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