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InPost has introduced a Same Day Delivery service to shorten the waiting time for a parcel, allowing customers to pick it up on the same day. For now, the service is available only in Lodz and Warsaw, but the company has already announced that customers in 20 major Polish cities will soon be able to use the new function.

The Polish e-commerce market is constantly developing, and more and more companies are paying attention to the delivery time of parcels. According to a Gemius study, 33% of respondents indicated that shorter delivery time would encourage them to shop online more often. For as many as 95% of them the optimal time to receive orders is 8 hours, and for 86% of respondents – 12 hours. Speed of delivery is an important factor not only for individual but also for business customers. As shown in the research by Mobile Institute for Santander Bank Polska, as many as 50% of B2B sellers believe that speed of delivery and timeliness have the biggest influence on the evaluation of e-commerce.

InPost meets customers’ expectations

The new InPost service is meant to be an answer to the ever-growing demands of customers. According to CEO, Rafal Brzoska, as many as 80% of customers admit that faster deliveries will increase their online shopping, and the Same Day Delivery service, for which no additional fee will be charged, will raise the bar for all players in the market.

The Same Day Delivery service has been operational since 14 September in Łódź and Warsaw, and customers in these cities can receive their parcels the same day if they arrive at the distribution centre by 4.30 pm. Then the parcels are delivered to a selected parcel locker. What is important, in case of parcels delivered to the distribution centre at the right time, InPost company will try to deliver the parcels on the same day, and the speed of delivery will not be affected by the integration of the e-shop with InPost or its absence, or selection of “next day delivery” or “weekend delivery” option by the customer.

The popularity of InPost Parcel Locker

According to the Gemius study, although 55% of surveyed Poles choose courier delivery to home or work, parcel machine delivery is still the most popular. This option is chosen by as many as 61% of respondents.

According to the CEO of InPost, the Same Day Delivery service is the result of investments carried out in recent years, thanks to which dozens of new branches were opened. The number of parcel lockers available throughout Poland has also increased. Important elements of the investment were also IT processes and infrastructure, as well as the fleet of thousands of cars, including electric ones.

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