Intermarche: Thierry Klupczynski is the new president

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Thierry Klupczynski has been appointed President of the Intermarche Commercial Directorate in Poland since July. Klupczynski has been with Intermarche for over 30 years. He has been working on the Polish market for 15 years.

Thierry Klupczynski has been associated with the Les Mousquetaires for 30 years. As he admits, he started his work in the company from the position… …a warehouseman. He was systematically promoted in the company structure.

In the past, he was, among others, the head of purchases in the “Fresh” category in France and the head of purchases of the Intermarche and Spar chains, which at that time operated on the German market within the Les Mousquetaires Group. For the last 15 years, he was associated with Intermarche in Poland. He held the position of the General Director of the Les Mousquetaires Group and member of the Management Board of the Intermarche Sales Directorate. Interestingly, for 10 years Klupczynski has been running a supermarket of Intermarche chain in Gdansk.

In Les Mousquetaires Group, key positions in the company’s structure are reserved for supermarket owners. It is they who decide on the strategic directions of the development of the signs and the whole Group. Moreover, as entrepreneurs they make independent decisions concerning the functioning of their supermarkets.


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