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According to the adopted investment plans, the chain intends to open around 15 new locations in 2021. The plan seems to be very realistic as five shops have already been launched this year. Currently, 71 beauty supply stores operate in Poland under the Jawa brand.

The Jawa drugstore chain is a Polish company owned by the Jawa Komplex-Torus Group. Currently, there are 71 shops of this brand in Poland, among others in Warsaw, Katowice and Lublin. The average area of the objects is 150 m ². The chain focuses on interior design, access to a wide range of products and the development of the so-called Beauty Experts who offer their help during shopping. The offer includes many product categories: cosmetics, accessories, hygiene products, household chemistry and articles for children.

Jawa, in line with its strategy, intends to invest in new locations and expand its operations on a larger scale. The plan is to open 10-15 shops a year.

This year we will invest with increased cost discipline. The cost of doing business needs to be lower, so we are focusing on finding the best financial solutions. We plan to open 10-15 shops a year – said Edyta Kresinska, Jawa’s marketing board advisor.

Sales increase despite pandemic

The pandemic has strongly affected the situation of beauty supply stores and perfumeries, and the prevailing restrictions have caused a drop in sales in these types of shops. The Jawa drugstore chain, on the other hand, was one of the few on the market to record growth in many product categories by as much as 16.2% last year. For example, the value of sales of colour cosmetics on the market fell by 7.5% – Jawa in this category recorded an increase of 0.8%.

According to the managers of Jawa drugstores, this success was due to, among other things: well-considered choice of shop locations, as well as marketing activities and positive impact on the customer.

The philosophy of locating outlets outside of large shopping malls made Jawa drugstores immune to the market downturn caused by the pandemic. We were not affected by the restrictions related to closing down shopping malls, and well-developed procedures caused that the customers still felt comfortable in our shops, despite the increased sanitary regime – says Wojciech Radliński, the Chairman of the Board, Drogerie Jawa.

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