Joanna Krupa’s first steps in food industry

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Joanna Krupa decided to follow in the footsteps of Anna Lewandowska and Ewa Chodakowska, releasing the first line of healthy snacks – BEESWEET.

In July, the company launched its own brand of food products on the Polish market – BEESWEET. The products are to be a functional and healthy snack. The ingredients from which they are manufactured come from natural sources and do not contain artificial dyes or sugars. In the offer you can find oatmeal, superfoods, honey and fruit cocktails. The products are fully vegan and their packaging is made of recycled materials.

The model wants to reach as many people as possible, that’s why the prices are affordable (oatmeal ok. 6 zloty, honey ok. 15 PLN, tea ok. 5 PLN), and the Products are soon to appear in the largest retail chains.

SOTI Natural Tea Line

Joanna Krupa’s personal brand kraft teas produced by SOTI Natural also appeared on the market. These are organic drinks, unsweetened, without sugars or fructose. Prepared with health-promoting properties. In addition to their good composition, the teas are characterised by ecological packaging.

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