Jysk announces plan for its Polish expansion

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Despite the difficult situation during the pandemic for brick-and mortar retail, Jysk makes strong expansion plans for Poland. The company is looking for new store venues. It believes there is room for 500 of its stores in Poland, and wants to open at least 15 new locations a year. But it is also upgrading existing stores and diversifying its formats.

In its last fiscal year ended on 31 August 2020, Jysk grew its retail sales in Poland by 1.5%, compared to growth of 9% the year before. The spring lockdown, during which 180 of its 236 stores were closed, took its toll. The volume of transactions declined, but the average transaction value was much higher. And online sales rose sharply. The e-commerce share went up to almost 8% from just over 4% in the previous fiscal year. The company also launched B2B sales on the Polish market.

The CEO of Jysk Polska assesses the perception of the network by customers in the country quite positively, which encourages further development plans. Jysk is looking for retail space in the interior design industry, both in new projects and in already operating facilities – spaces in retail parks and shopping malls, as well as free-standing facilities. The optimal size for the store’s operation is approximately 1,250 m2, and not less than: 950 m2 for the sales hall, 250 m2 for the warehouse and 50 m2 for the sanitary and office facilities. Uniform surfaces (width of the room not less than 18 m) of regular shape and situated on the ground floor are also sought for these purposes.

Jysk plans its expansion not only for the largest cities. The company is also interested in those with a population larger than 20,000, which will contribute to the increase of new work opportunities in smaller towns.

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