Klub Rossmann leads among drugstore chains mobile apps

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Definitely the most popular mobile app among cosmetic drugstore chains is Klub Rossmann – 94% of respondents have it on their phones. Mobile apps of other chainsare much less popular.

According to a survey conducted by PMR in December 2019 on a targeted group of Poles who had purchased cosmetics within 30 days preceding the survey, Rossmann is the most popular mobile app of cosmetics brands or stores among Poles.

Among the respondents who have cosmetic apps installed on their phones, as much as 94% declare having Rossmann chain app. Klub Rossmann is the is more often used by women and people in the 55+ age group and those with higher education.

Other chains’ apps are much less popular

The chain leads in its category in terms of popularity with consumers. The next most popular mobile app is Hebe app, 15% of the respondents has it on their phones. In turn, mobile app of Sephora, Douglas or Drogerie are used by less than 15% of respondents.

Rossmann strengthens its position among cosmetic chains mobile apps

What is more, Klub Rossmann recorded a significant increase compared to the previous edition of the survey conducted in January 2019. At that time, the chain’s app had 6 p.p. less respondents installed on their phones.

It should also be mentioned that Rossmann has a mobile application relatively recently. In April 2017, the chain launched a loyalty program “Klub Rossmann”, in which participants collect points for purchases exchangeable for discount coupons using the mobile application. In addition, the programme allows participants to participate in special offers and provides a tailored offer as well as advice and inspiration.

The app immediately became a success, after nearly six months of presence on the market, the Rossmann loyalty app was downloaded by over 4 million people.

The survey was conducted for the purposes of PMR’s report: Cosmetics retail market in Poland 2020.

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